July 21, 2024


27 April 09

Daxx’s Adventures

Dublin Community Talk With Daxx & 5.0 –

“Everything they said really registered. Honestly two of the best coaches I’ve been with” – Saint “One of the best such talks I have honestly been at in years. Catch these two if you ever have the opportunity to do so, as I am sure you will be hearing great things about them in the future” – JuiceTerry

L.A Bootcamp –

“Daxx has some sick natural game. He has absolutely zero AA and can open like no one else. He offered some great advice.” – Timecop

NYC Day Game Workshop with Soul –

“Daxx is a very chill guy who can easily relate to anyone. Encouraging in both his criticism and applause, he has a very warm and charismatic approach to life and people, as well as a great coach” – Youngdubs

Miami Bootcamp with Mr. M & Braddock –

“Daxx is a goddamn player, nuff said” – Ludovico

London Bootcamp with Mr. M

“Luckily for me, sometime with Daxx helped me pick my state back up and dive in to some sets… It’s crazy the things you do when you’re threatened with a cock punch!” lol – Raskell “Daxx takes cocky funny charm to a new level” – Rockfish_1

L.A Bootcamp with Mr. M & Braddock-

“Daxx was a really good coach and really helpful. Being round him and 5.0 I felt like I was being energized and it was hard to not get caught up in their reality” – Express

Miami Bootcamp –

“Daxx was with us at the bc….he is the epitome of a natural with game” – Seattle Supernova “One of the last sets I got a makeout and number close (thanks Daxx)” – Rix

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