June 15, 2024

22 June 08

Daxx’s Adventures


Day 1 –

I leave my house at 3am, drive for 3 hours to Norwich Airport, for a 35 minute flight. God damn you Braddock. Lol. I was on a buzz going to approach coach for Braddock at his BC in Amsterdam. I noticed one hot girl on the plane, and after chatting to the guy next to me the whole flight about game, at Amsterdam airport he walked past and witnessed what we’d been talking about works with his own eyes as I opened and # closed the only hot girl on our flight.

He smiled and nodded in respect lol.

The cabbies were trying it on asking for 60 euros for a cab to the hotel so instead got the train to amsterdam central, and got chattin to a dude on the way. I asked where he was off to and he replied

‘I’ve got one hour before my flight leaves so going to the red light district’

Haha, respect. I get to hotel & meet Braddock. Day 1 of bootcamp goes solidly, have a power nap & hit up the club ‘Escape’. We were both on fire as well as the students. Weird thing was, I met more girls in Amsterdam that were from England than Holland. Go figure.

Day 2 –

We had the 2nd day of bootcamp, then watched the Holland vs. Russia Euro 2008 game. Was an experience, but Holland lost so to drown their sorrows the Dutch seem to get extremely drunk. Fair play.

We went escape again as it was a sick club with good places to bounce / extract etc, and I got hit on by tranny…first LA now here…I swear they fly around the world…following my every move. I’ll have to start sleeping with a cork up my ass just incase. Lol. Two students extract girls back to their places and f-closed…impressive! We had an interesting expereince with a group of English girls, who we’re pretty sure were on coke. They were more than forward. But girls and drugs is very unattractive to me and Braddock too so we cut that set. Then Braddock opens this hot blonde girl and I wing. Braddock’s girl turns out to be an 18yo model for Vogue. God I hate him.

We go outside afterwards and a bum gets within uncomfortable proximity to the girls and starts staring right at them. Braddock tells him to ‘Back the fuck up’ (exact words) and the bum scatters. He cracks me up…something you can tell about Braddock is he’s got that ‘street’ vibe. You can’t teach that, that’s tight.

Anyways as the girl is young and he knows how this stuff can mess some girls (especially young ones) up cos she won’t see him again, he does the decent thing and says she can’t come back with us. That just shows serious game, and a level of decency that a lot of guys haven’t got. Turning a girl down who wants to fuck you, an 18yo Vogue model to be precise, because you know it could mess her up. Big props to Braddock for that…But I would have closed her…haha, kidding.

The girls rode off on their bikes, the dutch ride bicycles everywhere, even to the clubs lol, and we headed back.

Day 3 –

We have the 3rd day of the bootcamp and hear about the student’s f-closes. Fun times! But My flight is at 7pm so had to leave around 4pm. On my way to the airport I look back at the last 2 days…the adventures game brings you really is amazing. A weekend in Amsterdam and I didn’t even get to the red light district. Ah well that’s an excuse to get back there lol.

I wanna end this post on a side note, a quote I really love –

‘You miss 100% of the shots you never take’

Think about that for a second. The next time you see that girl you want to approach, do it. Don’t hesitate. If you don’t approach, you’re essentially blowing yourself out. Think of it this way, before approaching the girl, you’re likelihood of success is 0%. Now atleast by approaching, your chances of success are 0%< – greater than 0%. The only person stopping you is yourself! Hope it helps

Speak soon guys