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15 July 09

Daxx’s Adventures

Braddock & Savoy on Tyra Banks Show


The Don & Savoy were on the Dr. Phil show a while back that you can watch below –

Dr. Phil Episode With LoveSystems Part 1

Dr. Phil Episode With LoveSystems Part 2

This time around Braddock & Savoy are going to be on the Tyra Banks show this Friday, July 17th 2009.

You can find out when it’s on in your state here –

Here’s an extract from the Tyra Banks Site –

Tyra speaks with the owner of “Love Systems,” who claims to teach men how to approach, attract and seduce any woman they desire. Then, his system is put to the test when Tyra’s cameras follow a program participant. Tyra then speaks with a “Bro Code Panel” in an attempt to expose all the unspoken rules that men live by — and women know little about.

You can find out more about it here –

Apparently they didn’t get much time with the student (the guy on the right with the blue shirt), and won’t have as much of an impact as a 3-day bootcamp would lol, but knowing them both it will still be sick to see even if they only had an hour or so to work their magic. Remember to tune in to the Tyra Banks show this Friday! Speak soon guys, and as Kenny Powers would say,