July 21, 2024

16 November 09

Daxx’s Adventures

Recent Review from ‘RoutineSpittinAnimal’:

SO I emailed Mr. M asking him if he does phone consultations and he said no but sent me to Daxx because he said that he’s a master at SCG. One problem I always had before is that I went to bars, and I got tons of AIs and never knew what to do about them, I tried making a thread on the lounge, didn’t get more than 1 reply. He gave me tons of different examples and ways to do this. He talked about everything in good detail, and left me with no confusion. He said he used to get this all the time too, so it helps when somebody knows what I’m talking about.

I also needed help on Los Angeles at the moment and my dating coach specialties are:

– Day & Night Game – Same Night Lays – Advanced Attraction – Teasing & Push Pull – Sexualising & more

If you’re interested in a one on one with me you can go to http://www.lovesystems.com/daxx and use the contact form on there!

Speak soon,