July 22, 2024

28 December 09

Daxx’s Adventures

Braddock posted a sick article on How To Flirt With Women recently. For anyone stuck on trying to flirt with women, as you’ll see in Braddock’s post, flirting is essentially Push-Pull. Basically what push pull is, is you doing something nice and tempering it with something mean, or doing something mean then tempering it with something nice. This doesn’t neccessarily just mean it has to be all verbal, you could say something like (Whilst hugging her) “Your such a smartass god I hate you…” So you’re being cold verbally, but warm physically. However if you said that whilst being cold physically, and verbally, it’s too hard of a push, so you need to add some pull in there.

Check out Braddock’s post on push-pull it’s the shit if you’re working on How To Flirt With Women.