April 20, 2024

13 January 11

Social Circle Mastery


If you have ever wanted to attend the world famous Social Circle Mastery seminar, this is your last chance.  The final presentation of the top secret rock star life style building cutting edge dating technology will take place this weekend in New York City.  There will literally NEVER be another Social Circle Mastery seminar after this weekend.

This is the cutting edge seminar Mr.M and Braddock created that truly teaches you how to build a rockstar life style.  Braddock and I have have dated some of the most beautiful women in the world and cracked some of the most exclusive social circles in the world. From supermodels to playmates, this seminar shows you step by step how we did it.

Social circle mastery is how you build a lifestyle.  If you are tired of going out and starting over every night and getting tired of the highs and lows, you NEED Social Circle Mastery.

Want to sign up? Click Here To Book Seat At Social Circle Mastery Seminar Final Seminar

We will also be teaching 3 other 1 day seminars this weekend:

(We’ve literally never taught all 4 seminars in one weekend before and don’t know when/if we will again)

To Sign up click here: Inner Game

To Sign up click here: Same Night Lays

To Sign up click here: Strippers & Hired Guns

Stay classy San Diego,

– Daxx & Braddock