July 21, 2024

05 January 10

Daxx’s Adventures

Braddock just posted a new article on the Love Systems Inner Game Seminar. After seeing how much effort Mr. M and Braddock had put into creating the seminar, when I went to the first IG seminar they did, it literally blew my mind. Felt like I walked out after like I could see the Matrix. Something I had always focused on was getting my Inner Game straight, because it’s the pillars of your game. Think of it like the foundations of a house, without strong foundations the house will crumble. Same with game, if your inner game is weak, not only will your game crumble but the girl/s will see through the facade. Sure you can ‘fake it til ya make it’, but when you’ve got your Inner Game down you feel clean inside, and not only with women, in life in general. I don’t recommend something if I didn’t genuinely find it useful, but after attending the Inner Game seminar you will come out with a completely different, more positive outlook on life.

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