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27 October 09

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Follow up from DaHunters post on Beliefs – Gold


Hey, It’s no doubt that you’d need to gather reference experiences in order to solidify this belief. As such, you’ll be constantly looking for every little detail to confirm this belief. But how is this different from looking for any validation? Isn’t the process of going out to gather reference experiences similar to looking for validation? Or would you put yourself in a ‘delusional thinking’ to confirm this belief? If let’s say, a girl sits next to you on the bus and you’d think, ’she loves me, that is why she’s chose to sit down beside me’.

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Good question, you do need to gather reference experiences to make a new belief real in your mind. But you don’t want to be looking for validation, what you want to be conscious of is reference experiences & things that affirm that belief. Me Braddock & DaHunter were breaking this down in detail of how to cement a new belief into your head.

The process we broke down of implementing a new belief until it is truly believed is as follows – 1. You get the new belief you want to ingrain 2. Have the end result in mind of what this belief will bring (in our mind was consistently banging 10s) 3. Backtrack and list the steps that you need to follow to reach the end result until you have a list of ‘baby steps’ that you need to take to reach that goal. 4. Take action on the first baby step you need to take to build some momentum. 5. Start getting reference experiences from your actions. 6. The positive reference experiences from step 5 affirm the belief so you believe it. 7. The belief from step one is now beginning to be believed so you take a bigger baby step and cycle through steps 4-7 over and over. Build more momentum, momentum starts the snowball effect, more reference experiences that affirm the belief, then you take a bigger step and go through the cycle again.

The Inner Game Seminar is going deep into this so I’m only touching the surface, but it’s the way to truly ingrain new beliefs.

E.g. If you want to ingrain the belief that all girls want you and result in dating or banging consistent 10s. If you’ve never dated or banged 10s consistently then going out one night & hitting on 10s is good, but if you’re getting blown out all the time it’s only re-affirming the belief that you can’t get 10s. So you follow the process from above – 1. I want the belief that all girls want me 2. I want the result to be dating & banging consistent 10’s 3. Backtrack that so before being able to consistently get 10’s, first you need to be able to get 9’s, 8’s, 7’s, 6’s etc. 4. Baby step 1 for example would be to hit on 6’s, the you get momentum on hitting on 6’s. 5. You start getting positive reference experiences from the interactions and results of hitting on 6’s. If you are only getting bad ref. experiences however, you go back a baby step. In this case get positive ref. experiences with hitting on 5’s, follow steps 4 – 7 and get comfortable with this then go back to 6’s. 6. The positive reference experiences from step 5 will make the belief stronger that girls want you. 7. Now the belief is starting to be believed, you take the next baby step which is bigger, in this case you start hitting on 7’s and again follow steps 4-7. Eventually you’ll build up & up until you will have enough positive reference experiences to affirm that belief enough to where you truly believe it and you eventually are dating and banging 10’s on a regular basis. There is a lot more that goes into this cycle that is far too long to cover in a post, as I say this is just scratching the surface and the Inner Game seminar goes over this in huge detail. But as for an introduction it’s more than enough for you to implement. Once the belief is hammered into your head so hard that you find it difficult to believe anything else, that’s when you will begin to get delusional beliefs, like for example if I see a girl make eye contact in a club, I immediately believe she wants me. If I see a girl touch her hair in my direction I believe she wants me. It may not necessarily be true, but because my belief is so strongly ingrained that girls want me now because of all the positive reference experiences with all girls ranging from 1’s – 10’s, it’s not hard for me to believe that even just a girl making eye contact is enough to think that she wants me.