June 16, 2024

16 April 09

Daxx’s Adventures

5.0 and myself are gonna be in Ireland on Saturday 25th April to hold the first ever Love Systems community talk in Ireland! The details are below –

Love Systems is coming to Ireland! Love Systems, the world’s leading seduction and dating training company, will be holding its first meeting for the Irish seduction community on Saturday, April 25th in Dublin. To celebrate the inaugural meet-up of the Love Systems community in Ireland, we have talks by two elite instructors –

‘5.0 is so good that the rock stars come to him for training. He famously taught the art of seduction to The Streets frontman Mike Skinner (see the video on his bio page or on the Love Systems YouTube channel here). 5.0 specializes in high-end nightclub game, and looks forward to discussing his sensational escalation expertise with gorgeous women as well as much more at the meet-up.

Next up is Daxx, the young hot-shot of the dating science community, a 21-year-old prodigy who number-closed eight Playboy models in a single night and seduced a Gucci model. Trained by Mr. M and Braddock, Daxx honed his game significantly in London’s most exclusive VIP clubs. Check out his bio page for more details. He’s going to be sharing his amazing skills & secrets with the Irish community.

The talks will be followed by an open Q&A session, so if there’s anything need to know to take your game to the next level, here’s your chance to pick the brains of these two highly-regarded instructors. There will be time to mingle, make contacts in the community, find wingmen, and after that… we hit the clubs and do what we do best! The talk is from 5 ’til 9 downstairs in Madigan’s on O’Connell Street. The cost is 20 euro for the full four hours. Pay at the door. We look forward to seeing you there, dubLINGAMe

Love Systems country captain for Ireland

To reserve your place, either post on this thread or reserve your spot at http://dublinlairmeet.eventbrite.com

It’s filling up fast so reserve your seat asap. Look forward to seeing you there guys!