June 18, 2024

12 December 12

Daxx’s Adventures

What up guys, Braddock’s teaching the infamous Inner Game seminar on Dec 15th. I highly highly highly recommend you go if you can make it happen. The most lifechanging seminar I’ve ever been to by far. Here’s more info on it – Let me guess? When you are talking to a girl you are not attracted to, you have the greatest game ever!

But when you are talking to a 9 or a 10…

*You feel like you can’t think of anything to say. *You become self conscious about everything you say and how she takes it. *You feel nervous for no good reason. *You become hyper sensitive and notice ANY negative reaction you think she might have given. Guess what? You are not crazy. Over my years and years of teaching dating workshops to countless men all over the world, that is one of the MOST common inner game sticking points I hear. Guess what else? I have personally experienced that feeling countless times and used to think there was something wrong with me or think I didn’t deserve girls who made me feel like that. It took me years to unwind what was going on there and how to remedy that. See, as guys, we have the ability to unplug from “the game” anytime we want by simply not approaching. But, a beautiful woman can NEVER unplug from the game. A girl who is beautiful at 18 will be hit on so much by the time she is 24 that she has more reference experiences than you and I combined will EVER have.

This means a few things:

1. Her inner game on what she can and can’t get is rock solid. She literally gets reminded every day she leaves her house that she has quality men who want to pursue her. Despite her other insecurities and potential craziness, at minimum she has deep powerful inner game in the area of abundance. (This is a powerful inner game tool.) 2. She can smell fear, fake cockiness, games, meekness, fake strength, etc… a mile away. She has literally seen it all and has had every different type of guy hit on her countless times.

We can use these two principals to our advantage…and they are BOTH inner game principals…

In the inner game seminar, we go over the factors that cause you to feel that locked up feeling around beautiful women and give you steps to destroy that. Once you beat it, you will feel silly that you ever felt that way or if you ever do have it crop back up, you’ll have a road map to stamp it out again. There is absolutely no reason that something like this should plague you year after year. The absolutely worst part about this is not the nervousness or the discomfort you feel…or even the blowout it may cause.

I knew there was a gap between what I was getting and what I knew I deserved.

Nothing used to piss me off more than when someone would say this to me about a girl I was dating who was a very average girl in my eyes, “What’s wrong with her? She’s smart and sweet and really likes you. You are just too picky.” NO! Screw that. I knew that wasn’t the case. At that level I knew the women I could have and they bored me. I knew what I wanted but I clammed up around it.

The worst part of this is how painful it is to know that beautiful woman after beautiful woman NEVER get to see the real you. You keep losing great women over the most awkward version of yourself!

I spent literally YEARS going through this. Every time it happened I knew I wouldn’t give up, but it honestly made me feel defeated, hollow, and harder to face the next time. At times I would question, “Maybe I don’t deserve this, is it possible that I get nervous around them because deep down I know girls like that would never like me?”

I knew I had to crack the code and figure out how to be as congruent around average women as I was around beautiful women.

Thoughts like, “Maybe I don’t deserve this, is it possible that I get nervous around them because deep down I know girls like that would never like me?” are 1/2 bullshit and 1/2 real. There are likely things you need to upgrade in your life that would also cause you to naturally calm down and feel better around these top tier women. However, the other half to this story is that those thoughts above are complete bullshit. Your best self should be accessible regardless of any outside variables. Those outside positive variables (i.e. looks, money, clothes, social circle) should be bonus points that push an already strong self over the edge. Those things help with the top tier women and might even be important for consistently keeping and attracting a lot of them, but they should have nothing NOTHING to do with your swagger shining through no matter what your external circumstances are.

Are you ready to get this handled?

If this is something that has plagued you, it’s time to stamp this out forever and start showing your true self to beautiful women. It took me years of banging my head against the wall to finally break through this, but you don’t have to do that. To be honest, most guys don’t have the time, tenacity, or skill to break through this inner game sticking point on their own. I love teaching this stuff because seeing guys shed years of pain in frustration and being able to make the light bulb go off in their head gives me a deep level of pleasure. If you are ready for that light bulb and ready to take your inner game to the next level…not where you just feel happy…not where you just talk yourself up…but where you feel bullet proof in the face of value/beauty/adversity…then come see me in LA and let’s put you on that path. I’m teaching my 1-day Inner Game Seminar on December 15 in Hollywood, California. If you are interested in signing up right away, click here. For more information you can call Jeremy who does all our over-the-phone booking at: Jeremy: 323.836.0150

Or go to http://www.lovesystems.com/training-programs/inner-game and go to the bottom of the page.

Hope to see you guys there,